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  1. Many of us think the antiviruses are only capable to secure our PCs and computers. However, this is a half-truth; antivirus software does build a defensive armor for PCs and OS but also gives you complete protection for your mobile phones from the virus, malware, and Trojans. There is a myth, in which almost all of us do believe, that the Apple devices are always secured and they don’t need any antivirus to block the virus invasion. Well, in actual the Apple devices are relatively stable as compared to the Android devices but they are also prone to viruses. If we talk about the latest virus and malware then we can say, the viruses are extensive in nature and hence, you need to take efficient steps to protect your iOS devices. Reset Windows 10 Password How can you secure your data and identity with Webroot Secure Web? It has become an important aspect to secure your data before virus attacks. Taking precautions is a must to do, and if you do not take precautions then you will be in a state where you have to deal with pushy ads which pop-up on your screen whenever you browse over the internet. It can also lead to some security concerns if it’s a spyware. In order to keep your identity and data safe while using an Apple device, then you need to choose the appropriate antivirus software which will secure your data and your personal information from the virus and malware. The possibility of virus and malware attacks is more when you surf the internet, for this, you should choose Webroot SecureWeb antivirus. You can also visit Webroot official website Webroot safe if you want to see the security product range offered by Webroot. Why Webroot Security antivirus is recommended? Webroot is the most recommended antivirus software for iOS devices; however, if you are using the latest iOS versions, then you might face some issues in updating the Webroot SecureWeb software. Webroot Secure web not only protects your data but also build a defensive armor around your personal identity. You can use the Password management feature with the SecureAnywhere subscription and moreover you can use the Backup and Sync application if you have a complete subscription pack for Webroot SecureAnywhere. How can you install Webroot Secure Web for iOS devices? 1. Visit the Webroot official website Webroot safe, and then click on ‘Sign up now’ to create an account with Webroot. 2. Now, open the App store on your device and then search for the ‘Webroot Secure Web’ app. 3. Select the app and then click on the ‘install’ option. 4. Now, enter the password associated with your Apple ID. 5. In order to access Password Manager, you have to tap the app icon visible on the Secure Web toolbar. 6. Now, enter credentials associated with your Webroot Secure Web application. 7. An installation window will open, click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed further. 8. Wait for the installation to complete. To sum up:- It is a myth that iOS devices do not need any antivirus as they have inbuilt security features which keep you protected from the virus. However, sometimes you need protection while surfing the web, for that, it is recommended to install Webroot Secure Web application on your device. In case, you have some queries related to Webroot security software then you can visit the official website www.Webroot.com/safe.
  2. Samsung is all geared up to launch the Galaxy Note 10 this year and as expected it will be aiming the power users According to the developers it will be for the first time where Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will offer two different models of the Note flagship The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to come in a larger display and this large display will certainly be appreciated by users who have extensive knowledge on how to exploit the full potential of the device This is one of the prominent features Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will offer aside from more yet to come...